Pedagogy, Agricultural Company, projects for teenagers / school and family

Waldorf pedagogy tends to the balanced and harmonious development of the child. We want to involve children and adolescents in the life of the farm, making the school interact in continuous contact with nature and its rhythms, with animals, through experience, dexterity and observation.


Pedagogy and Agricultural Company

The pedagogical initiative is oriented towards Waldorf Pedagogy, which gives the child and adolescent the tools for a balanced psychophysical and spiritual development. It makes the emergence of talents and inclinations possible, it nurtures them stimulating the skills to reach.
Along with a didactics that sees and uses the appropriate content as a means for such a development, all those experiences that appeal to all the senses are important elements. That is to say, the experience of oneself and the world that stimulates a healthy self-esteem: play, joyful movement, but above all practical activities, as they can be perceived and exercised in the work of an agriculture adapted to the nature and man.
The pedagogical initiative together with the agricultural initiative want children and teenagers to be part of the life of the farm. School life will be in constant relation with nature and its rhythms, with plants, with animals and with agricultural work during the seasons. In this way the children learn from life and in life, becoming active in the company by perceiving that adults work with pleasure.

Projects for teenagers / school and family

The pedagogical initiative puts itself at the service of the child, adolescent, parents and schools to face the problem of early school leaving, through projects created specifically in the areas of craft, agriculture, contemporary circus, courses of movement art, photography, cinematography, theater , eurythmy and music.

Kindergarten and nursery in the farm

Agri-nursery and Agri-kindergarten

They will be made on the farmland, in reserved areas and separated from those of the company, with particular care, with essential furniture and  toys, appropriate to the age of children. The educational activity will be carried out on an ongoing basis in compliance with the evolutionary phases of development according to a daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm, in a simple, familiar and natural environment, where children can play in the open air, live in contact with plants and animals, enjoy snacks and genuine meals prepared with the company’s products.
In the farm, buildings that will welcome nursery and kindergartners will be built in green building. In the nursery, 19 children aged between 6 and 36 months are welcome.


Primary and secondary school oriented to Waldorf Pedagogy

In the restaured spaces of Casa Sedda / Casa Mastio in Ussana we want to build a school from the first to the eighth grade, on the basis of Waldorf Pedagogy, for the corresponding elementary and middle classes, starting from the first classes.
The educational work of the teachers in the teaching program of the school disciplines takes place through the artistic, practical and craft element; the learning path wants to be that of knowledge, experimentation and creative experience.
For the future, we expect to form 8 classes of about 25 pupils from the first to the eighth grade for children aged 6 to 14, for a total of about 200 students.

Other initiatives



Project objectives of the agricultural initiative. Re-qualification and enhancement of a large area in the territory of Ussana through the construction of an innovative and multi-functional biodynamic farm.    


Healthcare and therapy

Medical study with natural therapies and regenerative stays The project involves the creation of a small medical and natural and artistic therapies center to welcome those who need to rediscover themselves and their motive for life:  



Restaurant – Canteens – Regenerative stays – scattered hotel. The activities of the project proposal for a sustainable and experiential tourism.   In the kitchens the farm products and local excellences will be elaborated to supply the Café and the


Training, art and craftsmanship

Training and Work are among the main and most important benefits expected from the realization of the PONTIS Project. The situation of adolescents, young adults and many people without work is a real challenge that calls us to act urgently.



Research and ongoing experimentation will be the unifying thread between all the initiatives envisaged in the Pontis project.

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