Research and experimentation

The project wants to be innovative and transversal. In order to be an example to repeat, the various areas require research, monitoring and exchange between the components of the project and with other similar realities.


Research and ongoing experimentation will be the unifying thread between all the initiatives envisaged in the Pontis project.

  • agriculture with the selection of seeds and animals, biodiversity care, environmental requalification, wastewater recovery and responsible consumption of water and energy resources; 


  • Bio-architecture and Raw Earth Architecture under the guidance of the University of Cagliari;


  • pedagogy connected to agriculture;


  • social therapy;


  • the regeneration and conservation of the environment (reforestation and re-naturalization);


  • communication and social processes.

The two main macro areas of research activity

In the phase of the farm settlement

We are meant to create a center for applied research and reproduction of seeds, also encouraging the recovery, conservation and development of Sardinian biodiversity, in collaboration with German partners, Regional Authorities, the local University, local and European companies.

During the recovery / restoration of the compendium,

the collaboration started some years ago with new graduate students in architecture, researchers and professors of the University of Architecture of Cagliari will give the possibility to experiment new techniques for the containment of energy expenses (insulating products with local natural materials, such as cane, sedge (carex), straw, …). The new materials will be experimentally produced and monitored over a period of time, seeking the collaboration of other university departments and research institutions.

Other initiatives



Pedagogy and Agricultural Company The pedagogical initiative is oriented towards Waldorf Pedagogy, which gives the child and adolescent the tools for a balanced psychophysical and spiritual development. It makes the emergence of talents and inclinations possible, it nurtures them stimulating



Project objectives of the agricultural initiative. Re-qualification and enhancement of a large area in the territory of Ussana through the construction of an innovative and multi-functional biodynamic farm.    


Healthcare and therapy

Medical study with natural therapies and regenerative stays The project involves the creation of a small medical and natural and artistic therapies center to welcome those who need to rediscover themselves and their motive for life:  



Restaurant – Canteens – Regenerative stays – scattered hotel. The activities of the project proposal for a sustainable and experiential tourism.   In the kitchens the farm products and local excellences will be elaborated to supply the Café and the


Training, art and craftsmanship

Training and Work are among the main and most important benefits expected from the realization of the PONTIS Project. The situation of adolescents, young adults and many people without work is a real challenge that calls us to act urgently.

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