Pontis Project


What is the Pontis Project?

“Pontis” is a project of social agriculture, located in southern Sardinia, in the territory of Ussana, which intervenes in the recovery of abandoned architectural heritage and in the redevelopment and environmental enhancement.
The Pontis project envisages the creation of a biodynamic farm and the recovery of the ancient Sedda-Mastio house. The old agricultural building located at the centre of Ussana village and the rising biodynamic farm in the countryside  will be the two main poles of the project. They will unite the agricultural activities (production, processing and sale), together with the ones of social inclusion, well-being, rehabilitation and care and hospitality. The activation of other initiatives in the pedagogical, artistic and cultural fields, starting from a dense network of relationships, will give  an added value to the whole, so as to make the Pontis project a real regenerator of community  unique in its kind.


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How does the pontis project proceed?

In short the project development phases:

  • Listening to the needs and rooting in the territory of the project idea;
  • Feasibility study and preliminary design of the entire project;
  • Construction of the support and partnership network;
  • Research and retrieval of the resources that are necessary for the acquisition of the buildings and for the start-up of the first segments of the project;
  • Gradual completion of the launch of all the activities envisaged by the project

Who promotes the Pontis Project?

The project is promoted and supported and accompanied by a social promotion association set up for this purpose. The association mainly acts with initiatives of social animation on the territory in the sectors of intervention of the project. These actions, which are also necessary for self-support, allow the project idea to be kept alive and to establish partnerships with other associations, individuals and professionals. Since 2012 the association has carried out an intense activity (workshops, meetings and conferences) in which new possibilities and opportunities for the development of the project have emerged, relationships have been established, new knowledge has been acquired and new stimuli and horizons to explore have merged. Every activity is done for free and in total form of volunteering.


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The individual Pontis project initiatives, all characterized by a high ethical and social value, as a whole endorsing and supporting each other ,create a virtuous circle that makes them fully sustainable also from an environmental and economic point of view.

The places of the project

The project is located in the South of Sardinia at the borders of the metropolitan area of Cagliari. These places, easily reachable by a large part of the urbanized Sardinian population, become the bridge to reconnect these environments with the culture and the rural landscape of proximity.

Join the support community

There are many way to support the initiatives. The Pontis Association will take into consideration all the proposals of support and cooperation.


L’uomo invisibile in noi: Studi ed esercizi

Si è tenuto a Costa Rei, Residence Le Ginestre, un seminario sul tema "L'UOMO INVISIBILE IN NOI" tratto dalla Conferenza…

Incontri di Euritmia

Condividiamo questa bella iniziativa. Gli incontri saranno tenuti dall'Euritmista Korinna Kreutzmann.

Imparare con l’Arte

Si è concluso a giugno il ciclo di incontri di studio sulla pedagogia.

What is the Pontis Project

The Pontis Association promotes the creation of a biodynamic farm in Ussana where, together with all the production activities, the human arts concerning the meetin, the cultural growth, the social solidarity can become reality. For further information and contacts: www.progettopontis.it

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How can you help the Pontis Project?

The simplest and most immediate thing is to become a member of the Pontis Association and actively participate in its associative life;

To contribute with donations of any kind: real estate that can be useful to the project, money and / or you can provide the project with your ideas, abilities and talents;

Support and take part to individual initiatives and events.

Support the initiatives

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