Birth of the Pontis association

The Association, set up in December 2012, to carry out the Pontis project implementation processes becomes itself a place of experimentation of new communication, collaboration and meeting practices.


A place Space – time of encounter for a common research
In practice this means creating connections with the various social actors involved, perceiving and, where it is necessary and possible,  filling their needs.
It means organizing spaces and times in which the meeting between people and their initiatives can take place, to learn from one another, for an exchange of experiences and of evaluation, to develop impulses for joint projects.



Task - responsibility of the Pontis association

The central task of the association is cultural. It is to become a bridge, to perform the gesture of welcoming so as to create and to protect the meeting place. To strive in order to try to recompose with healing impulses what has been fragmented and distorted in the world and  which is calling for help and requires urgent answers for the future.

Finally, it is a common task of research, cultivating attitudes for sensitive perceptions, listening to and seeing the questions of men, of nature and ever-changing times to arrive at actions that are true answers full of the necessary and indispensable assumption of “responsibility “.


Who supports the association


We put our energy, life experience and skills into play and we get  new ones, to create the basis for a practical example of a possible future.
Sensing the hardships of society and nature every day, we, the founders of the Pontis Project, feel the need and responsibility to leave the new generations with a seed, a trace to grasp and lead into the future.



And many others
Young forces and experienced professionals have joined us actively in promoting the project, giving us their support and confirming us with their confidence that we are on the right path. The collaboration of professionals, companies and organizations of various fields that, as soon as the conditions are met, want to assume the entrepreneurial responsibility of the various initiatives of the Pontis project.
In collaboration with partners and researchers, Pontis hopes to be able to help solve some of the most pressing problems of our times.


Guiding image

Social organization

The goal of the Pontis association is to give birth in Ussana / Cagliari, in the ancient compendium “Casa Mastio –Sedda” and in the lands of Su Tisivillu and Monte Assorgia a social organism in which the Biodynamic Agricultural Company as a vital space of the organism, pedagogy, training, therapy, social therapy, and the arts can mutually vivify, support and stimulate. A social organism capable of grasping and satisfying the needs of the human being in all his aspects and phases of life and which in the coming years will positively influence and involve the communities of the territory and in particular those belonging to the Union of the Municipalities of Medio/Basso Campidano.



How the association operates

Central task of the promoter group: guiding processes:

The task of the Pontis promoter group is to give impetus to processes, to put and keep in motion and to guide all the processes that lead to the birth of the Pontis community and which are necessary for its development, its vitality and health .
The task of the association in the initial phase will also be to attract and stimulate the creation of companies that responsibly, in addition to economic and environmental sustainability, also take on the social implications of their entrepreneurial activity,

Learning community

Based on a training undertaken in 2013 concerning the means of a dynamic culture of clarification, decision, agreement and responsibility, the group of promoters considers itself as a community. A learning community, where every step towards the realization of the project and in the guidance of its processes is also meant as a learning step. So difficulties, mistakes and conflicts, instead of becoming an explosive material that threatens collaboration and the project, are transformed into resources, energy and skills for the future.

Statuto dell'associazione Pontis
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